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Back to Africa

Africa is my favorite place in the world.  The last time I was there, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and it was one of the

Jake- Senior Portrait

It’s a pretty surreal thing taking senior pictures of your own kid!  I can’t even believe Jake is a senior.

Henry 1998-2014

It’s a funny thing about dogs.  Their presence in our lives is often ethereal. Sometimes we see them, touch them,

In front of the camera…..

I have an awesome set of friends who I hang with at the reining shows.  One of them has a great photographer as a

My Horses!

This is the first day I have really gotten around to photographing my new horse Chrome A Zone.   I’ve got to say…

Life is Good

I just had to share this view from the back of my house the other evening.  Life is breathtaking if you just spend a