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Dog Photography- Lexington, Kentucky

I’m finishing up the session I did with 8 dogs at a beautiful horse farm in Lexington.  It took a few trips out

Dog and Family Photography- Louisville Kentucky in the Fall!

This is really the best time of year to photograph!  I love it because it’s still warm enough not to be super


Sarah is my kind of girl.  She has two horses- one of them pint sized –  and a dog who is her best friend.  

Henry 1998-2014

It’s a funny thing about dogs.  Their presence in our lives is often ethereal. Sometimes we see them, touch them,

8 is enough :)

I set my personal record with this shoot-  8 dogs in one photograph!!!   Haha wasn’t sure I would pull that one

RIP Jammer

My heart goes out to Jammer’s mom, Mindy.  He had a wonderful life and had an excellent time on our photo shoot.