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All in the family { dog photography Louisville, Kentucky }

I have to admit…  I love a good challenge.  And I am pretty decent at the multiple dog/family thing. So this was a lot

The Best of 2012

Hello everyone! Do I hear an echo?  I’m sure I must.  I am the worst of all bloggers on the planet, I think.  One

Family time…

Some of the most awesome families are the ones with very furry children. Here’s the perfect example.  This is

Buster and Molly

It’s been hard winter to shoot! The weather is pretty much the bane of my existence right now! But I had a really


Is it REALLY two weeks until Christmas???? As I cram to get in the final, final Christmas orders.. I must pause to

Gabby and Foxy

First of all, for those of you who follow my blog…… I am sorry for the long period of silence!! It’s