It’s such a small world.  It’s amazing how unexpected connections will happen at the most unexpected times.  I was giving a seminar at the Kentucky Humane Society last weekend to a group of photographers who volunteer to photograph adoptable pets to post on the website.  Surprisingly, one of the volunteers is the wife of  Iraq War veteran Troy Yocum.  I did the publicity shots for Troy back in 2010 when he embarked on an almost 8,000 mile walk, with his little dog Emmie, to raise money for the families of veterans who suffer from depression and other mental issues on their return to the US.  He raised $1.8 million!  These are a few of the images from the commercial shoot I did for the company “Dog Is Good”- who sponsored part of his walk.


Last month he was awarded the Citizen Honors Medal!  That’s such a huge deal.  It’s awarded by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and only three people were bestowed with the award.   I’m so proud of him- wow!!  Here he is with his award.

Citizens Medal

Troy started a charity on his return to Kentucky called Active Heroes to help military families.  You should definitely check out the website- some incredible stories on there.  Congrats to Troy Yocum.  Well deserved!



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