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Henry 1998-2014

It’s a funny thing about dogs.  Their presence in our lives is often ethereal. Sometimes we see them, touch them,

In front of the camera…..

I have an awesome set of friends who I hang with at the reining shows.  One of them has a great photographer as a

My Horses!

This is the first day I have really gotten around to photographing my new horse Chrome A Zone.   I’ve got to say…

Max Man – ready for prime time or past prime time?

If you know me, you probably know my horse Max.  We go to the reining shows together and we have a blast.  At least

Horses need vacations, too!

My reining horse, Max, is long overdue for a little R and R. He’s been on the show circuit since March and has

Kid: May, 1987- September, 2010

I just came from putting sunflowers on the newly dug grave of my horse, Kid. He’s buried in the field behind my